Intellectual Property Policy

At Digjy, we uphold the principles of intellectual property rights and copyright protection. We are committed to ensuring that all digital products offered on our platform comply with legal standards and respect the rights of creators and owners. To maintain the integrity of our marketplace and foster trust among our users, we have established the following Intellectual Property Policy:

  1. Compliance with Laws: Digjy operates in strict compliance with applicable laws governing intellectual property rights and copyright protection. We adhere to legal standards at all times to safeguard the interests of creators, owners, and users.

  2. Prohibition of Infringing Products: Any digital product listed on Digjy that infringes upon intellectual property rights or violates copyright laws is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or use of copyrighted material without proper authorization.

  3. Account Suspension and Legal Actions: Users found to be offering infringing digital products on Digjy, whether through registration, API connections, or any other means, will face immediate and permanent account suspension. Additionally, Digjy reserves the right to pursue legal actions against offenders to enforce intellectual property rights and seek appropriate remedies.

  4. Selling Authentic Digital Products: Digjy allows the sale of authentic digital products that do not violate the rights of creators or owners. Sellers must ensure that they have obtained proper authorization and have compensated the rightful owners before offering digital products for sale on our platform.

  5. No Resale of Unauthorized Products: Sellers are prohibited from reselling digital products repeatedly without proper authorization. Products that have been unlawfully reproduced or distributed cannot be sold on

  6. Legality of Keys: All keys offered for sale on Digjy must be legal and authentic. Counterfeit keys or unauthorized copies are strictly prohibited.

  7. Reporting Intellectual Property Violations: If you believe that your intellectual property rights or copyrights have been infringed upon by third parties or sellers on, please contact us immediately. We will take prompt action to investigate the matter and discontinue the sale of infringing digital products on our platform.

At Digjy, we have zero tolerance for intellectual property infringement. We are committed to maintaining a fair and lawful marketplace where creators, owners, and users can engage with confidence. Thank you for your cooperation in upholding the integrity of our platform and respecting intellectual property rights.